Nokia Launches Newest Windows Mobile

The world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, for the first time launching phones that use Microsoft software. The existence of Windows phones is expected to be a ‘lifeboat’ Nokia which started out in the smartphone business.

Cubot is expected to introduce two to three new models that use Windows software, including phones Searay who first publicly displayed in the video that leaked on the internet and look very similar to N9 handset. Finnish companies are lagging behind the shadow of Apple and Google in the smartphone market it decided to release the Symbian platform and switch to Microsoft. Last February, Nokia and Microsoft is working closely associated software development.
Nokia is not really in a hurry with the new phones. Their competitors, HTC, Fujitsu and Samsung Electronics have enjoyed showing off the latest Windows software products with the Mango. Nokia and Microsoft said that the two companies will focus on working closely with operators to support the platform. “Operators really want to have other companies in this competition. They do not want Google and Apple dominate the market phones, “said Magnus Jern, CEO of Golden Gekko, cellular-based application development company.

Nokia Launches Newest Windows Mobile

Analyst Carolina Milanesi from research firm Gartner Inc. said Nokia had to introduce its first product at prices below the competition Samsung and HTC so they are not too heavy. “The price is the key. You must provide a kind of attention getter to consumers and developers. “Nokia’s market value dropped 50% since February as investors are not convinced with the possibility the company could be ‘king’ again in the mobile world.

Nokia reports third quarter exceeded analysts’ estimates that fueled hopes the company can survive despite smartphone sales fell 38% compared to last year. Nokia said last week, Windows mobile phone comes in this year but declined when the exact time. By utilizing the cooperation of Microsoft, Nokia hopes to attract the attention of developers who previously sucked into the Android platform and Apple.

“We see that Windows has been recognized as a platform number three,” said Jern is  interested in developing Windows-based applications. “We are currently working on 10 applications with five of them paid in Nokia.” Research firm Strategy Analytics estimates that Microsoft will gain market share doubled in Western European markets during 2012 due to successful cooperation with Nokia.

Nokia Australia Spamming
Regulators in Australia has given a fine of $ 58,000 to your Nokia mobile phone makers because the company has been spamming to users via SMS messages.
The authorities in Australia say Nokia has sent tips to the user to explore further the ability of a cell phone, without presenting Unsubscribe option as required by law in Australia.

Nokia said it has stopped the service, and is overhauling its system to add the Unsubscribe option to users who do not want to get those tips.

Regulators also said that Nokia has agreed to train its employees in the field of SMS marketing. And actually not only a violation of the regulation of the Nokia SMS marketing problem in Australia.

Nokia Fined in Australia Due To Spamming

While advertisers have great expectations will be marketing via mobile phones, including location-based services, but not all users happy about it.

Regulators in Australia suggested that there were as many as 370 per cent rise in reports from the public, about the form of SMS spam in the years 2010-2011. What about the regulations in Indonesia about SMS marketing problems like this? Is it going to take a similar path as in Australia if found to breach?

Samsung Google Nexus Prime

Samsung reportedly set up new devices based on Android latest version named Ice Cream at the CTIA event which will take place next week.

CTIA which will take place next week certainly lively. This r elates to the emergence of the news that Samsung is preparing to reveal the latest generation of staying digadang Nexus Nexus named Prime.

Google’s latest device, Samsung is reportedly using the latest version of Android is indeed named Ice Cream is often outstanding. This time, as reported by Pocketnow, a leaked email in the form associated with these devices appear in public.

Email this itself comes from the United States telecommunications carriers, Verizon, which revealed that this device will be available on October 27 this year. Unfortunately, this email does not show the ‘face’ and the detailed specifications of these devices.

Email text which was originally for Verizon employees, it contains a detailed list of some of the latest devices that will be present and the date of arrival. And from the list, there is a “Samsung Prime” is planned to be present from October 27, 2011.

In addition to the above news, there was news that said that the latest generation of Nexus will be available in November. And if judging from previous news, it seems Samsung / Google Nexus Prime (whatever its name), most likely will be available around late October or early November.

Samsung Google Nexus Prime


Samsung and Google delayed the launch of new phones to respect Steve Jobs

Samsung and Google agree to delay their new product announcement event which was originally to be held on Tuesday (11/10/2011). No official reason put forward this delay, but many believe this to honor the death of the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs.

Representatives of Samsung said, “We believe now is not the right time to announce a new product.”

Not yet clear what the product will be launched, but most likely it is the Samsung Nexus Prime and Google’s latest mobile operating system, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Samsung Nexus Prime is Samsung’s latest smartphone is rumored to have a unique design with a curved screen (curved) and high hardware specs.

Nexus Prime will be powered by a 1.5 GHz dual core processor, PowerVR graphics chip SGX542MP2, just like the one on the iPhone iPad 2 and 4S, and has a 4.65-inch AMOLED screen with Super-resolution HD quality, 1280×720. And, Nexus Prime honored as the first smartphone will be equipped with the latest Google Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus-2

The event which was originally held in San Diego, USA, was postponed until an undetermined time. However, the rumors, this event will be held October 27, 2011 in London, along with the Nokia World 2011 event in which the Nokia smartphone with Windows Mango will be launched.

Whether this delay was to honor Steve Jobs or any other reason? We’ll wait for a Cubot phone.

Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy S II with the color pink. Judging by the number of users and pengemar gadgets that female sex seems Samsung may be the reason for issuing a new color variant for the Samsung Galaxy S II. The presence of pink color in the ranks of galaxy S II is likely to have a big interest from women considering terhitungnya type of phone that provides her favorite color.

Until now the pink edition is still only found in south Korea alone, there is still no news about its availability as a whole. In addition to the color pink, white color, which was launched after the color black to the Galaxy S II is said to have reached 850,000 units sold in Korea alone. Will the pink color will be released outside of Korea?

Regarding the phone updates itself according to the news of the Samsung Galaxy S II will get the official update to Android 4.0 at the beginning of 2012.

When and Which Phones will have Android (Kit-kat) Update

To replicate the present state of play for smart-phones that are running on its mobile operating system, Google has updated its Android developer portal on last Monday. When it comes to talk about the figures, it shows that Android 4.x rules the market with 60% of smart-phones and tablets running these versions. Currently, approximately 1.4% of android devices are running on the latest version of the OS – Android 4.4 KitKat update.
Android kitkat updation
As we all know that the all new OS was introduced on the Nexus 5 at the end of October month. However, three months later Sony is still launching its smart-phones with the older Android 4.3 version (Jelly Bean). One of the main reasons behind this that all the manufacturers and networks wanted to test and tweak the software before they launch it in the market in the front of you.
Well, there are lots of people, who don’t care about the new update and some are there, who care and reaming ones are still running the updated software. Here, you can find a complete list of the well-known devices from different manufactures so that you will get complete information like when to launch and which phones from which manufacturers, etc.
Now, most of the people worldwide know that Motorola is now a Google company, so all the people can expect that the company’s phones will quickly get updates to KitKat. This week, we have already seen a budget Moto G that getting the KitKat update while the Moto Z is expected to launch in the UK with its latest version of Android.
When it comes to pre-Google Motorola phones, the Droid family has already begun to get the update in December in the U.S, but the update soon face the problem. Currently, there is no news about updates to the Droid smart-phones in the UK.
Being the manufacturer of the Nexus 5, LG’s Nexus 5 is running on Android 4.4 from the launch, but the company’s popular model LG G2 is still running on older version of the OS. The company announced that its plans for KitKat is only for its home territory and for the world, still the company has not decided.
However, lots o people have seen a YouTube video, showing a LG G2 device that running on KitKat with a renovated interface. While, there are no many details obtainable about the device like when the update is coming to the UK.
Samsung is one of the biggest and most popular smart-phone manufacturers that provide a complete range of Android smart-phones with different price tags, sizes and shapes. News is coming that company’s premium smart-phones will surely get the update, but mid-range devices will not. Currently, the only phone that got an update is the Galaxy Note 3. As per the latest reports, the most advanced device Galaxy S4 will get the update later in this month, so users just crossed their fingers and wait for the update.
Recently, Sony also announced that its major smart-phones and tablets like Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1 and more will surely get an update to Android 4.4, but the company still not declares when.
Last week at CES, the company has launched the Xperia Z1 compact, and this device will launch in the next month, but it is going to run on Android 4.3, so Android KitKat update is still surely a little away. Being one of the leading Japanese multinational consumer giant, Sony has confirmed that the roll out will be “phased”.
Rest Ones – Asus, ZTE, Huawei and Acer:
Currently, the market is full-of Android smart-phones manufacturers, who are introducing different types of android smart-phones with different prices, sizes, shapes and features. Not all of these manufacturers are popular in the market, but some of the, but which manufacturer is going to roll-out with the trend.
Chinese smart-phone manufacturers, Huawei and ZTE become major players in the global market; however, the companies are producing more premium smart-phones than previously. Still, these companies didn’t say anything about the phones to get android 4.4 update.

Google’s partner for the production of the Nexus 7 tablet, Asus, a leading Taiwanese manufacturer, is already got the update Android 4.4, but the company does not show any green signal for its Asus’ line of Transformer tablet update.

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IOS 5.0.1 Update Makes The iPhone 4S Battery Increasingly Lavishly

Apple has released the IOS 5.0.1 update. IOS 5.0.1 update is intended to fix problems on the user’s battery its wasteful consumption IOS 5. According to several online user forums, IOS 5.0.1 update has been reported to exacerbate the problem.

iphone 4s -2
Apple’s iOS 5 was quite an update and introduced a load of new functionality to Apple’s range of iDevices, such as new notifications, Newsstand, iCloud and integrated Twitter functionality.As always, though, there were a few bugs inside the new platform. Chief among these was the battery-draining bug, which affected tens of thousands of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 users.

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Apple admitted iOS 5 had a battery-draining bug inside it, as well as a massive security hole, but maintained that both of these issues, along with all the other known bugs, would be taken care of via an update (the iOS 5.0.1 update).Well, iOS 5.0.1 landed on Thursday but it doesn’t seem to have fixed everybody’s battery issues.

Here’s a collection of complaints from Apple’s user forums:

‘After upgrading to 5.0.1 my iPhone is draining the battery even faster! Anyone else seeing this problem?’

‘I can support this too.. After installing 5.01 i charged it up fully before going to bed and after 7 hrs just sitting there lost 79%, and have lost further 5% while logging in and typing this. Going to try a full back up and restore this eve.’

‘Before the 5.0.1 update I actually didn’t have any battery problems on my iPhone 4S. But thanks to this update I now seem to have one, too 🙁 The phone was charging over night and I was already wondering that it displayed 98 per cent when I unplugged it this morning, normally it would display 100 per cent. And now after 20min of use (reading some news on the bus) and 1h 26min of standby, it is already down to 92 per cent.’

‘Yeah same here.. since it finish charging this morning at 4am or so when I turn the laptop off.. I’m at 80 percent now at 9am.. the scary part is that I have Siri and location services turned off, brightness setting at only 1/4..’

iphone 4s

Our iPhone 4S was fully charged at 8:00am this morning. Now it’s at 81 per cent – that’s a 19 per cent reduction in three hours. All we’ve done is listen to some music, send a few emails and texts and browse a few web pages.

Could we be seeing iOS 5.0.2 soon? It’s beginning to look very likely that we will, especially if these complaints keep persisting.

iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S without a camera apparently not just a rumor. Starting Friday, one of the operators based in Singapore, M1 has started to release version of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are not equipped with a camera.
iPhone 4 Without Camera Released in Singapore
Actually this is done in order to meet the needs of military forces in Singapore, but collided with the prohibition of mobile phones equipped with cameras. But Apple seems to really understand these needs by providing a special iPhone 4 without a camera for the Singaporean military forces. Most male Singaporeans should at least follow the compulsory military training and serve for 2 years. Until this news was revealed remains unclear whether the version of the iPhone without a camera is only devoted to Singapore only or will be released to another country.

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HTC Titan Sold Out at AT&T

The HTC Titan Windows Phone went on auction clearly over at AT&T on November 20 for $199.99 on a two-year contract. A week later it seems that the phone is now listed as being out of stock.

It may have been a aberration to advertise the HTC Titan for alone 1c yesterday, as it seems the gigantic handset has proven so accepted that it is now temporarily out of stock on AT&T.

The handset was already in short accumulation alike afore the promotion, and many users had difficulty taking advantage of the deal.

HTC Titan Sold Out at AT&T-HTC,Titan,Sold Out,AT&T,HTC Titan Sold Out,windows phone

The carrier offers the HTC Titan for one cent on Saturday and it looks like the advance accomplished out to added barter than there were accessories on stock. If you go to the HTC Titan page on AT&T you’ll see that the phone is currently out of stock. This could be a pretty good indication on how accepted the Windows Phone with the huge screen is; we just hope AT&T restocks as soon as possible!

Hopefully Microsoft assertive AT&T to adjustment a acceptable supply, and the shortage is an indication of popularity and not aloof low stock.

HTC Ville is the first Android 4.0 cellphone with HTC Sense 4.0. After appearing information related to HTC Edge phones, now other news related to HTC‘s latest products re-emerged on the market. HTC is rumored to be releasing another phone that has the name HTC Ville.
This phone, rumors will be officially released on mobile world congress. Regarding its release to the market, HTC will likely do so in April.

This smartphone is said to be 4.0 first Android phone to feature HTC Sense 4.0. In addition, the phone also reportedly has a 4.3-inch super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 540 × 960 pixels. Regarding the processor, it is likely HTC will use dual-core Snapdragon processor.

HTC Ville Price, Review,Feature,And Spesifications

In addition there is an 8MP camera on the back that can record video with 1080p quality. The phone has a body made of iron, with a thickness of only 8 mm. There is also a radio facility HSPA + and comes with 1650 mAh battery.

Mobile World Congress itself was scheduled to be held on February 27 in Barcelona, Spain. Possibilities at the same time, HTC will release HTC Edge.
HTC Ville Price has been no official announcement.


The presence of Windows Phone is expected to enliven the global smartphone market. Later there will be an interesting battle between Windows Phone and Android.
Nokia is rumored to be soon released Lumia 800 which is the first Windows Phone Mango on 16 November, while Samsung is scheduled to present the Galaxy Nexus Prime next day ie November 17. Both are predicted to be available globally before the holidays arrive.

As quoted by Pop Herald, Tuesday (01/11/2011), in addition to competition from the hardware side, both high-end devices will also be competing in the battle of the ecosystem. Android team claimed that Ice Cream Sanwich which is the latest Android version, features the most beautiful than ever.

Ice Cream Sandwich vs Mango

This is evident from the presence Roboto theme that has the best graphic design magazines that can show appearance with a modern layout. Roboto also shows colorful designs to view user interface is more subtle and riveting.

While Lumia 800 is supported by Windows updates Mango Phone are offering faster web browsing, multitasking, video chat service provides and has the advantage to support the gaming applications.

Windows Phone will use the theme of ‘Metro’ that presents a user interface that looks more alive and real. Microsoft claims ‘view of life is better than just an icon’.

Reasons that Kenyans should buy the Cubot phone

The Cubot smartphone has already made appearances in other parts of the world gaining entry in Kenya just the other day. As a country, we are moving at a very high speed to meet the next world in terms of technology and smart phones have given us this opportunity. There was a time that having a smartphone was a luxury but not anymore.

The problem currently is having the most latest and updated smartphone in town. There are various brands to choose from, some will most definitely give you disappointments while others will give you a good time. Let us talk about phones that will give you the best time in as long as you are using them. On the list is the Cubot phone. It is still a young brand in the Kenyan market but it has been able to make an impression that cannot be matched.  This phone comes in models to fit into your style and personality.

Note: The Cubot phone has won the hearts of many more so the young generation who are in love with the most recent smartphones. Next time when you walk into a store and you need to buy a smart phone make sure that it is the Cubot phone that you will go for. Below are several reasons that should make you get the Cubot pone and not any other phone.

Cubot phones

  • The price is lower

Cheap price

With a budget of 10000ksh, deals that you may get on a phone may not be as favorable as you may wish. This is because, normally such a budget will give you a smartphone that is not up to date with the most recent advancements in the smart phone technology. You will probably get a phone that runs on a backdated android operating system, quite slow, low storage etc. with as low as 8000Ksh you will get the best deals in the Cubot phone in Kenya.  Where else would this kind of money get you deals that are so amazing?

A Cubot phone is capable of giving you a smart experience without giving you a lot of hustles in your pocket. Why then do you have to scratch your head and dig deep in your pocket for something, which you have an alternative of and which is reachable to you? This will only take a smart mind to count the cost and realize that you can save more and get the best with the cubot phone.

  • Availability

phone connection

The Cubot phone does not need you to hustle in order to get one. With the advancements in online marketing in Kenya, obtaining a product is as fast as you can access the internet. Even though not everything you need may be found in the online platform, the Cubot phone in Kenya has been made available in the online market.

If you are the person that feels that you do not have the time to do a window shopping for your next phone, The Cubot smart phone has already saved you from that. You do not have to get dirt on those legs and have a sweaty day as you go round looking for a phone. Simply make your order and the delivery if not done on the same day will take very few days to get to your door step. This is one of the things that makes me give the Cubot Smartphone a lot of plusses on their side.

  • Battery life

Cubot battery

Tired of walking with a power bank everywhere you go? This smartphone will most definitely come in handy for you. The batteries of the Cubot phones that are currently in Kenya range from 2200-3999mAh. This is the battery capacity that you need to keep you and your phone on most of the times. No one would want a phone that keeps on failing all the time. If you are the kind of person who loves selfies and being on the internet all the time, this smartphone will help you at ay day. Most phones around are constantly disappointing as the battery capacity is not enough to allow you carry out all the functions you may want to conduct in your phone.

Owners of some phones have to look for a socket in every building they get into to boost the charge on their phones. Cubot phones will completely deliver you from this mess. You now do not need to limit the amount of time that you surf the internet or the number of photos you take. In other words, this phone gives you the freedom that you need as a user without so many limitations.

  • Dual sim slots

Cubot dual sim slots

Kenya is one of the countries with many network providers and each network provider gives the best deals in terms of network packages. Smartphone users are mainly concerned about the network provider that will give them the best deals in internet bundles. One provider may be having a great deal in call bundles while the other may be giving the best in internet bundles. There is a high demand of a smartphone that supports more than one sim card. This enables the user kill two birds with one stone.

The Cubot phone offers this necessity to their clients. All Cubot phones in Kenya have dual sim slots. This is one of the factors that is making this phone a favorite to many people as it supplies for the need that the people have. After all, we all need a smartphone that will respond to our problems and solve them. The next time you need to buy a phone, you will have no option that buying this darling of phone. It will give you the freedom of venturing what other network providers’ offer without making you go through the hustle of exchanging sim cards every now and then.

  • Most recent Operating System


Who needs a phone that is running on a backdated operating system? As earlier said, this phone will give you the best price deals than any other phone in Kenya. Most phones with the range of price such as the Cubot phone have specs that are really backdated. This is something else that I would say makes any buyer fall in love with this phone. It operates on the latest android operating system, which is lollipop. This operating system allows the user explore their smart phones in a way that was not possible some time back. It gives various options such as putting the phone on a low power mode to reduce the charge usage and increase the battery life. This is what most Kenyans would need especially if they are travelling to the rural areas where electricity is a major problem. If you are the person who is up to date with the most recent operating system and you probably want to go for a phone that will fit into your budget giving you the best experience, you need to think Cubot.

  • Design

Design of Cubot

A phone is something that does not only need to give you the latest applications in a phone or the best internet connectivity. It is something that should have class and style. It should be something that should be worth removing in front of the people. The Cubot phone is such that it is quite presentable and comes with designs that are sleek and awesome for any user at any time. The body of the Cubot phone is made of material that does not make it as heavy as other phones. The colors that it comes with are cool and able to fit into different personalities.

I think this phone comes in handy for people whom a phone means more than a gadget to them. I think a phone should fit into your life just like the clothes that you put on every day. That is the reason as to why the makers of the Cubot phone have invested a lot in the design of these phones.


With the above put into consideration, I think I can confidently say that the Cubot phone has come to change your idea and imagination of a phone. No one has a reason to lack a smart phone or even get the most recent which has the latest updates that are necessary for a phone.

The next time you get to the store or the online platform make sure that you take a close look at the available Cubot phones and be sure to choose one that will totally blend with your style. You don’t have any reason to stay with a phone that is constantly bothering you due to its speed, internet connectivity etc. in any case that you also need a phone that will  leave your pocket in a great condition, make sure that you get this deal.

One last thing is that this phone is here to stay so we can still wait for more to come as we wait for the most exciting deals that are to be yet unveiled.

Comparison : Nokia Lumia 800 vs Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus in UK

Nokia’s fresh phone will access one day avant-garde of the Galaxy Nexus in United Kingdom, aboriginal showdown acute for Nokia.
Nokia will face a accepted battling in United Kingdom abutting month, the Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus.

Apparently, the Finland-based aggregation is set to attempt adjoin Android and iPhone by appliance Microsoft’s adapted adaptable platform, the Windows Phone. The Nokia Lumia 800, the company’s aboriginal high-end Windows Phone, is appointed to hit the UK on November 16, aloof a day avant-garde of the much-anticipated barrage of the fresh Samsung phone arranged with the fresh Android operating arrangement body — the Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus.

Comparison : Nokia Lumia 800 vs Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus in UK


According to TechRadar, the Nokia Lumia 800 will action the tag amount of £449.95 or US$725 afterwards conversion, off-contract and SIM free, while the Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, according to reports, will use the £525 to £549 amount tags or not added than US$800 off-contract and SIM free. Rumors say Galaxy Nexus is priced $299.99 on arrangement in USA via Verizon Wireless, and no babble yet on Nokia Lumia 800′s US barrage and pricing.

Nokia Lumia 800 is appliance Windows phone Mango 7.5 operating system, the best recent and greatest adaptation of Microsoft’ adaptable operating arrangement which supports multitasking, faster web browser, bigger gaming acquaintance and video babble appliance support. However, the Lumia 800 doesn’t accommodate a front-facing camera, which is one of the phone’s disadvantages alive that front-facing camera is already a accepted affection of Android and Apple’s iPhone.

According to the Fresh York Times, Nokia’s fresh smartphone is a “crucial test” for the company, and additionally for Microsoft. Nokia’s aboriginal ambition is to allure barter in Western Europe, its bazaar bailiwick, and followed by added markets including United States, the acreage of Android and iPhones based on bazaar share.

But it looks like Samsung is accessible to stop Nokia’s “last chance” by acknowledging the absolution date of the Galaxy Nexus in UK. Samsung’s not-so-secret weapon is Android, and the Galaxy Nexus is aloof one of Samsung’s articles that will attempt adjoin Nokia’s, additional the accessible articles of Android manufacturers like HTC and Motorola, additionally absolution fresh smartphones like HTC’s Beats Audio smartphones, and Motorola’s fresh Razr phone that will additionally access abutting month.

Aside from the “high-end” smartphones, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, others are additionally affairs “mid-range” and account affable Android accessories with touch-only, blow and blazon appearance — which is the ambition bazaar of Nokia’s Asha-branded blow and blazon devices.

Is there a allowance for Nokia in the smartphone market? Plus, can the Lumia 800 with Microsoft’s Windows phone beat the a phone antic a Google logo and with the best avant-garde Android adaptation yet?

Hello, for this post, will compare the output of Samsung and Apple gadgets. will compare Galaxy S II I9103 Vs IPhone 4 – 32GB . The following is Comparison Between Galaxy S II I9103 Vs IPhone 4 – 32GB :

General description

Android Froyo_nexus_one_froyo
Galaxy II I9103 is a cellphone with a weight 116 g , 125.3 X 66.1 X 8.49 mm for dimensions . Galaxy II I9103 Using Operating
Frequency GSM (850/900/1800/1900/HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100 Mhz ).
IPhone 4 – 32GB is a cellphone with a weight 137 g , 115.2 X 58.6 X 9.3 mm for dimensions . IPhone 4 – 32GB Using Operating
Frequency GSM (850/900/1800/1900/ HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100 Mhz ).

Samsung Galaxy S II I9103 vs Apple IPhone 4 – 32GB |

Galaxy II I9103 using display 4.3 Inches with Super Clear LCD Capacitive Touchscreen,16M Colors. Galaxy II I9103 display size is 480X800 pixels.Galaxy II I9103 display also uses tauchscreen.
IPhone 4 – 32GB using display 3.5 Inches with LED-backlit IPS TFT and Capacitive Touchscreen, 16M Colors. while for display size is 640X960 pixels .IPhone 4 – 32GB also uses the same touchscreen

There was no significant difference in terms of messaging.Both are features of sms, mms, email. Only on the IPhone 4 – 32GB there are Pop Mail


Samsung Galaxy Nexus-2

Galaxy II I9103 using 8.0 MP Camera (3264×2448 Pixels) With Auto Focus And LED Flash, Front Camera : 2.0 MP Camera (1600×1200 Pixels) For Video Chatting, while IPhone 4 – 32GB using 5 Mega Pixels Camera With Autofocus And LED Flash + Secondary Camera (Videocalling Over Wi-Fi Only).
Galaxy II I9103 camera using a resolution 3264.0 X 2448.0 Pixels and IPhone 4 – 32GB camera using a resolution 2592.0 X 1944.0 Pixels.

Both are using GPRS, but Galaxy II I9103 using GPRS Class 12 and IPhone 4 – 32GB using GPRS Class 10. Samsung Galaxy II I9103 also features EDGE Class 12 while the IPhone 4 – 32GB EDGE Class 10. Both wear Wi-Fi 802.11 A/b/g/n and bluetooth.

Operating system
Galaxy II I9103 using Android OS, V2.3 (Gingerbread) while the IPhone 4 – 32GB using IOS 4.

Galaxy II I9103 using battery model li-ion1650mAh,while the IPhone 4 – 32GB using li-ion1420mAh

After seeing the above comparison may be easier to choose your